surrounded by old growth forest

Our Main Offerings

Our traditional methods do not dilute or quicken fermentation. That means there will always be something unique in each bottle. These ciders will be the most consistent in their major flavor profiles.


WILDWill be what it wants.

Wild relies on wild yeasts in the air, cidery, and apples to spontaneously ferment. The result is a bright, refreshing, sour apple, earthy, delicious cider.




Our dry cider is crisp, refreshing, and yet still substantial. In 2015 we aged the cider with red oak for a tart, floral cider with a hint of tannin and wood.




This cider is full of character, balanced sweet and tart. This year the touch of sweetness comes from Homestead Apiary honey, who also keep bees in the orchard!


Our ciders reflect the season and slow traditional processes.


ORCHARD RESERVEReflects the cider maker's whimsy.

We love the adventure and the connection to place that come with our search for deliciousness.

Wood and Spirits

Aging for at least 12 months.This is our wood soaked in spirits aged cider. With an addition of fresh juice, it serves as the year long bridge from one season to the next. Expect a full, funky, complex, and just plain yummy cider. Every year changes with batches coming and going.

Wood and SpiritsBATCH 1

Draft only brandy soaked red oak with a touch of Isanti Spirits barrel aged cider.

Wood and SpiritsBATCH 2

Loon Liquor whiskey staves, Isanti Spirits barrel aged. Dry, bottle conditioned cider.

Wood and SpiritsBATCH 3

Loon Liquor whiskey staves, Isanti Spirits barrel aged. Dry, bottle conditioned cider. This time we added...

Wood and Spirits

Wood and SpiritsBATCH 4

Bottle conditioned with late season pressing of apples like enterprise, Haralson, Connel Red, and on of our favorites- KEEPSAKE! Also blended with a barrel aged whitney crab!

Cider pairs well with almost any food, from pancakes to pork chops.

Expect a Minnesota cider that reminds you of old world traditional ciders. Unfiltered and full of flavors.

We minimize any additions beyond yeast & cider and we will not know the exact description until finished with aging, blending, and bottle conditioning. Working with the cider and letting the natural flavors of the apple flourish means delicious, natural, lively cider, and it defies definitions.